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This is Amaury, spreading my messages through photography

Thank you for being here, enjoy the visit.

About me

My name is Amaury Browaeys, it's difficult to talk about myself but I'll make an effort.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at photographer’s pictures (Cartier-Bresson, Viviane Maier, Mary Ellen Mark but also more fashion oriented photographers like Peter Lindberg or recently Hugo Comte). For a long time unaware of my artistic sensibility, I preferred to devote myself to the career development of my artist friends and take photos here and there with a second-hand Canon, never considering anything possible. But life catches up with us and photography came into my life at a particular emotional moment. As a means of expression, I’ve become aware of it, and it’s helped me enormously to express emotions buried within me that I wasn’t even consciously aware of.  Hard on myself, I’m always learning and having fun. I believe in the power of a photo on the heart. Thank you for reading me.